Online Personal Trainer in Carlisle

This is a continuation programme following on from the 6 week challenge!

What is Included?
  • You will receive 3 structured, fun and RESULTS BASED training sessions per week.

Sessions are easily transferable into a gym environment. You could even use a combination of both home and gym training to fit your schedule (the hybrid method!) that’s pretty cool! ALL exercises are demonstrated by myself through attached video clips and include detailed, in-depth descriptions.

  • 1-1 online check-ins every 4 weeks

You will receive high quality on-going coaching, support and guidance with your nutrition and training to fully support your specific goals.

  • Full updates done every 4 weeks- Progress tracking via the app
  • Activity Target + Online Daily Check List
  • Mid month self-reflection / online accountability check in.
  • Every 8 weeks re-evaluation of goals
  • Daily WhatsApp support 7am-7pm
  • Payments done by a direct debit every 4 weeks (you can cancel this at any time)
  • You will also have the opportunity to train with me 1-1 or with a friend in my studio once a month.
That personal touch is key for me. I want you to feel like you are working with me closely and I want you to feel 100% supported, week in week out. I want your experience to be personal, and as interactive with me as possible and our 1-1 online check-ins give us that. Taking this a step further you will have the opportunity to train with me in my studio once a month at a discounted rate, as a 1-1 or as a pair! (Special Friday afternoon + weekend dates announced at the start of each month).

This is a great optional addition, and this will help you to keep progressing with your Online Training. It is an awesome opportunity to train with me, ask questions about certain exercises and go over the main lifts we use in the Online Training - a great opportunity to get clarification on certain exercises. It is a chance to get your form and technique SPOT ON, so you feel more comfortable and confident with your Training. This is also a great opportunity to try different weight selections and different equipment, so you know exactly what weight to purchase next.

This also may give you more confidence to take your sessions into a gym environment if you wish.

Price: £84 (£21 a week)